Homecoming is Always the Best!

It was a great trip to Florida for February for two real live art shows and a much needed vacation! Now I am back to the frozen tundra and back to creating new work. Thank you again to all who came and supported my art. I am back online as of today! Ill be photographing and adding new pieces starting on Monday. Please check it out. I don’t even know what my next show will be yet, cancellations are still happening due to covid. My website “Shows” page will be as up to date as possible. And rest assured, I will always practice safe shopping guidelines. My new She-Shed is now fully up and running, thanks to my awesome electrician! Permanent heat and air is now complete! Thanks Wes Tyler Electrical! Come for a look-see. In Antioch, Illinois, 25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd.

Visit: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com or call me at 847-852-0636 for any special requests or to buy off the Etsy shop in quantity. I can work something out! Always free shipping, always something exciting. Bring on the spring!

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