Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for supporting my small business during my Open House! It was a really good one. Now that the season of giving is upon us, my new She-Shed Gallery of Pottery is open in Antioch, Illinois for in-person shopping. Come for a huge selection of gifts for everyone who eats, cooks or just loves beautiful, useful handmade ware! I even have brand new ornaments for the tree! Come see how I make all this stuff! Please call or text me for an approximate time to visit so I’m not at the store or something. 847-852-0636. My address is: 25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd.

I have one more show in 2021 in Columbus Ohio called “Columbus Winterfair” held indoors at the Bricker Multipurpose Building at 717 E. 17th Avenue. Its Friday, Saturday and Sunday December 3, 4 & 5. During this wonderful event you can get all kinds of goodies from 300 exhibitors. I am in space #536. My little gallery will be closed during this time but up and running Tuesday December 7th.

There is also a lovely but limited selection of goodies online: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com. order now to allow time for shipping. Thanks!

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Welcome FALL!

Fall is a great time for my pottery making! I am working hard on all kinds of new items including lotion bottles, triple caddies, bird bowls and vases and more. The 26 Annual Open House is on the books for November 20th. Please come see my new She-Shed-Showroom and save money that day. This is my Premier Event! 26 years here! Please come see where I make all this cool stuff!

Also shop 24/7 at: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com where shipping is still FREE!

I have two more art fairs coming up as well. November 6, I will be attending the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival in Sylva NC, formerly in Dillsboro. Love pottery? This is the best show to attend, just south of the Smoky Mountain National Park. Only the best potters are included and I am proud to be chosen. Fall colors are very pretty this week! Do come see. My winter shows down south are just starting to choose artists, so check my show list for daily updates about my trip south this winter!

Then on December 3, 4 & 5 I will be at Columbus Winterfair, at the Bricker Multipurpose Building in Columbus Ohio! First time for me. 717 E 17th Avenue. Hope to see you then for some major cool Christmas shopping!

And most importantly, my She-shed-showroom is going to be OPEN all the time by appointment. Just call or text and tell me when you want to come and I will make sure to be here. I have a lot of cool stuff to show you, including my working studio and 3 kilns! 847-852-0636

Thanks for supporting ALL small businesses this year! I love you all!

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September Rocks!

Summer wrapped up with a bucket list to Maine, lobster eating and whale watching! I am back and working hard to fill the shelves for two September shows! with all freshly inspired shapes and colors. September 18 & 19 Ill be in Naperville Illinois at the famous Riverwalk Art Fair, downtown along river, space #42 in the middle someplace. Then Ill be in Carmel Indiana on September 25 & 26, right on Main Street in front of Joes Butcher Shop! I hope you come out. I will be practicing distancing as needed and sanitizer on the shelves. Vaccinated but cautious! Are you a VIP? Just say so and get an awesome surprise!

Now lets talk about the She-Shed Gallery! I’ve finished completely and am open every day I am not at a show, always listed here. You gotta come and see it, if you haven’t already. Appointments are recommended just to make sure I’m not at the store or something stupid! 847-852-0636. Please come, I will show you the new kiln!

I’ve slacked on the Etsy online store until now. It’s BACK! Please consider shopping online.


Your continued support is invaluable to me, thank you all so much. I hope to see your smiling faces this fall. Love U

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Happy Middle of Summer!

Glad to be back in the art fair business! My two shows in July were very good. Thank you to those who came and supported my small business. I love seeing your faces again.

So. I am reopening my She-Shed Gallery today! Open every day and every time I am home. Just give a quick text, email or call so I will be here for you. A hundred pots for every purpose.

25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd. Antioch, IL 60002

Jill@Antiochpottery.com Etsy.Antiochpottery.com 847-852-0636

Next show in Milwaukee on August 14 & 15 on the plaza at the Fiserv Forum right on 3rd downtown. See you soon I hope!

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Happy Mid-Summer!

I hope your 4th was full of summer fun with family and friends. Now some art fairs have returned and you can see me in St. Joe Michigan the 10th and 11th of July, then a local one for me in Geneva Illinois July 24 and 25. Last summer art show will be in Milwaukee for the Morning Glory Craft Festival on August 14th and 15. Stay tuned for a She-Shed Pop Up to be announced soon! You can always come to the Shed by calling ahead and making sure I am here. Simply call 847-852-0636. Ill give you the red carpet tour!

Shop Online: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com

And thanks for your continued support through transitional times for me!

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Happy Summer!

Summer is the best time for pottery making! My new She-Shed Gallery is open for visitors in Antioch Illinois. Make an appointment and stop in, see whats new. 847-852-0636.

Shows are coming back to life, my next show is Crosby Gardens Art Festival in Toledo Ohio. If you are in Ohio please come see me right at the new entrance in space #3.

You can always shop online at Etsy.Antiochottery.com

Thanks for your awesome support through a very tough time.

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Spring has Sprung!

Spring has come to my nice little studio in Antioch IL! My brand new She-Shed Gallery is officially open for the summer. Stop in and check it out. Call me or text to make sure Im here working that day, which is almost every single day! 847-852-0636.

Shows are starting to come back, slowly but surely. I’ve updated my shows list so check back often. My next two shows are May 29 & 30 in downtown Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin then June 5 & 6 in Hinsdale Illinois. Meanwhile I am cooking up new shapes, forms and colors daily! Can’t wait to see your smiling faces this summer.

Shop online, or at least browse: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com for my latest online listings. You can always call for your VIP discount or to pick up in person. 25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd. Love to you all!!

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Spring Fling! Getting Ready for April 24!

This year we will welcome spring by swinging open my brand new doors of my Gallery She-Shed in Antioch, Illinois. Please plan a trip! I have had nothing but time on my hands to make all kinds of new shapes, colors and designs. All functional ovenwares, all handmade right here by little old me! Doors wide open, safe easy shopping. Tour my studio, see my new gas beast! Everything will be on sale 15% just one day. I welcome you any day, every day at my Gallery but this one day its 10am to 4. And I cant wait!!!

Etsy.Antiochpottery.com for online shopping

25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd Antioch, Illinois 60002 847-852-0636

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Homecoming is Always the Best!

It was a great trip to Florida for February for two real live art shows and a much needed vacation! Now I am back to the frozen tundra and back to creating new work. Thank you again to all who came and supported my art. I am back online as of today! Ill be photographing and adding new pieces starting on Monday. Please check it out. I don’t even know what my next show will be yet, cancellations are still happening due to covid. My website “Shows” page will be as up to date as possible. And rest assured, I will always practice safe shopping guidelines. My new She-Shed is now fully up and running, thanks to my awesome electrician! Permanent heat and air is now complete! Thanks Wes Tyler Electrical! Come for a look-see. In Antioch, Illinois, 25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd.

Visit: Etsy.Antiochpottery.com or call me at 847-852-0636 for any special requests or to buy off the Etsy shop in quantity. I can work something out! Always free shipping, always something exciting. Bring on the spring!

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Thank You Naples!

Thank you again, it was a great weekend meeting new customers and seeing many of my VIP’s! The weather and my shady spot were perfect. I am planning a day at the beach before I head back home to the frozen tundra! I have a fabulous online Etsy store to share with you. It will be up and running again on March 1st with all new pottery you have never seen. If you see something you like, feel free to order online or call me for a discount on multiple items. 847-852-0636.


Thanks again, I will see you next year for Naples New Years show first weekend in January.

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