Thank You For Coming! Next: November 21 & 22!

The fall Pop-Up Sale was a good one, thanks to you all who came out in the cold! The annual Holiday Pottery Sale will be the GRAND OPENING of my new She-showroom Pot Shop! All finished and heated, its a covid safe environment for mask wearers. Its from 10 to 3 both Saturday and Sunday this special weekend. I will have so much to choose from and such a great deal for you, a VIP on my mailing list! Check me out this year for sure. I will pass out numbers for car waiting if it becomes necessary, just like at the Pop-Ups. You can still special order for the holidays. Put in a special, informal request even! Call, Text or Email Me! 847-852-0636.E-mail is

Shop 24/7 in your pajamas at:

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2nd Pottery Pop-Up Sale! October 3!

The New Studio She-Shed! Not done but close!
Just a teaser of some new styles!

It’s official: I have enough pottery to sink a ship! I am hosting a Pop-Up Sale on Saturday October 3 from 10 to 4. Not the grand opening quite yet BUT introducing my new shop and I’m excited! VIP discounts all day. Open air, Covid conscious. Masks on site. 25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd in Antioch, Illinois. 100’s of new pieces, lots to see. Preview some of the work now at: Call me at 847-852-0636. Special request? just text!

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Show Your Support!

This is my brand new Cottage Gallery delivered just last week! I can’t wait to host a Grand Opening this Fall!

This long lasting pandemic has caused many a small business distress. If you are thinking about adding some pottery to your collection or for gifts, now is a great time to shop! Shop there or call me for local door to door delivery! 847-852-0636

Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of my new Cottage Gallery in Antioch Illinois! And thank you for hanging in here with me during these tough times.

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Hinsdale Art Fair Was a Raging Success!

Thank you to all who came and supported the artists at the show in Hinsdale Illinois last weekend! We were never crowded, it was easy to space out the artists and customers alike. We all wore masks, used sanitizer and it was great to see real live people, even if I cant see your smile! thank you again. Stay tuned for the grand opening of my She-Shed, a pop up gallery building we are adding to my pottery shop! Thats planned for September 19th.

New pots are going up right now at An entire kilnload of freshies is coming out now. Please take a look. I really appreciate your support. The real art shows will resume next year but until then I welcome all appointments to look around at what I have here in Antioch, Illinois. Just call me! 847-852-0636

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OMG It’s OFFICIAL! Hinsdale Festival of Art is a GO!

Please venture out to Hinsdale Illinois August 15 & 16 for the FESTIVAL OF ART! I promise 85 artists in an environmentally safe setting. Masks are required of all of the artists, I will provide hand sanitizer! I have literally hundreds of new designs and colors to share with you. Mention this ad for a VIP discount! I am in space #28 on the corner of Washington and Chicago in Burlington Park by the train station. Call me anytime at 847-852-0636. I am beside myself to see your smiling faces finally!

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Its The Middle of Summer!

Its hot outside and there is nothing to do but make pots and swim! It is POSSIBLE I have an art fair on August 15 & 16 in Hinsdale Illinois! A Covid friendly layout in Burlington Park, along the train station and Washington Street. Huge spaces, no sidewalls, masks and sanitizer are the rules. I will reconfigure my booth to be viewed from the outside so there is room to distance ourselves.

Meanwhile my online store is rocking! Visit and get a look at all the gifts and treats. I also welcome masked visitors to my studio in Antioch. Just call me and make an appointment to browse! 847-852-0636

Thank you for your support during this tough time. I miss your smiling faces! Look here for the final work on the Hinsdale Art Show in August.

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Back to The Studio!

The First Pop Up Pottery Sale was a healthy success! Thanks to all who came and bought and all my pals who pitched in to help. I will do it again while the weather permits. Meanwhile its back to work, I have orders to fill and pieces to replace! Please Please support my Etsy shop while the shows are on hold. I am adding new pieces today in fact!

or call for anything custom 847-852-0636. I will let you know when the shows announce news.

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Socially Safe Pop Up Pottery Sale! Please come!

I’ve got to show you what I have been making during the Pandemic break! I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are all well. Come on Saturday, June 27 between 10 and 5. Our lovely hostesses will simply call you for entry when your number comes up! Shop in small groups outdoors, under tents, rain or shine. And enjoy special savings at this No-Expenses-Incurred Art Show. I have bakeware, colanders, dinnerware, Ikebana, birdhouses and so much more. I miss all your smiling faces, and I can tell under the mask that you ARE in fact smiling! Please mark you calendars and take a drive. I’ll make sure it was worth the trip!

25942 W. Heart O Lakes Blvd. Antioch, Il 60002 847-852-0636 Call for anything at all.

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On a Good Note: New Pottery Abounds!

First and foremost let me say that I hope you and your family are all safe and healthy. That’s most important to me. We practice our safe distancing and are all well.

As I adjust to the new “normal” I found the silver lining online. It took weeks to learn the photography techniques in a portable photo booth. The lighting is everything! Anyway I worked on it day and night. My Etsy site is fully up and running. You can click on Etsy above and it leads you right there. Remember it’s FREE SHIPPING for the time being!

All shows are in limbo this summer. I expect there MAY be some news come fall. Please check the new shop often as I add new things weekly. I appreciate each and every order, large and small. And custom work or large orders can be easily handled over the phone. Call me at 847-852-0636 anytime.

Stay tuned Local Folks, I’ll be hosting a Drive-Up Pottery Sale in July here at the studio! Super exciting idea I am working on.

I miss you ALL and your smiling friendly faces the very most!

Love, Jill

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The Virus Update

Lots of small businesses like mine are stuck in limbo right now. My shows have all cancelled through June so far! I’m really good at finding a silver lining. I have used my unexpected break to make pots, explore new ideas and FINALLY create an online store via My store will be called: Antiochpottery BUT it is not all the way up and running til end of next week. I’m super excited! I’ve got all new work going in with click and buy option. Shipping is FREE during this tough time! I am grateful for any and ALL orders, big and small. Below is a direct link to my online store, as yet unfinished:

Meanwhile stay safe, stay well and hug yourself for me! I truly miss you all. 847-852-0636

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